Saturday, March 16, 2013

American Persimmon Trees for Sale

American Persimmon Trees are available for sale to anybody looking to buy a fruit tree. Now for anybody looking for persimmon trees specifically this may be the best choice. 

Reason being is one that it's indigenous to America. Secondly it has a larger area of growing than most oriental persimmons when it comes to the states. And thirdly the fruits are small so you can enjoy bite size versions of this wonderful fruit.

Now I won't say that persimmons originated from the Americas, but the word has it roots in the Americas. It's origins is derived from the Algonquin word "Pessimmin". The scientific name (Diospyros Virginiana) means "Fruit of the Gods".

American Persimmons growing areas is fairly large, ranging from New England to Florida and west towards eastern Texas. These trees also have a cold hardiness from Zone 5 and higher. Making them an ideal sale for northern residents.

I love the fact they are so small. There average size are 1 to 2 inches so you will be enjoying them by the handful. The tree themselves can grow as tall as 80 feet, though they usually grow up to 30 to 50 feet. But you will have to grow two or more trees for American Persimmons to produce fruits. 

Enjoy your Persimmons 

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